“Got Tails?” We do and YOU can too!

Fruge’ Farms have fresh, frozen crawfish tail meat in one pound packs for sale, at $10.00 a pound! That is a deal even Wal-Mart can’t beat crawfish tail meat that low. And yes, this is true Louisiana Crawfish, straight from our farm; You can’t get any more Cajun than this.

If you would like to place an order for tail meat, which will be an awesome addition to your Thanksgiving meal just call us at 337-200-1236 and tell us how many packs you need.  Don’t forget to pass this sale news on to your friends too! You can also buy our tail meat at the Oberlin Farmers Market each Wednesday.

Hints for Thanksgiving recipes:

Crawfish cornbread, crawfish cheesecake (yep I can get you the recipe), crawfish pie, crawfish turnovers,  and even Margarita Seafood Salad with Tequila (that recipe is in my collection too). That should wow your guests, huh! Of course, there is always the trusty etouffee recipes and don’t forget crawfish bisque.


Flat Stanley

Don’t be fooled by the posts title, this is an educational, worldwide movement, so imagine my surprise when I saw the headlining article of the Jennings Daily News representing the Flat Stanley project!


During the time I homeschooled my girls’ we participated in this interactive storybook character by making our own Flat “Drew” as we called him, and sent him all over the world collecting information from others students that participated in the educational project.  Flat Drew went all the way to Australia once and returned with mementoes from that host family.

Flat Drew
The journal my daughters sent with their Flat Drew to his various host families.

Flat Stanley is a wonderful storybook character that is flattened by a falling bulletin board and learns he can easily travel the world by being flat. Learn more about the project here https://www.flatstanley.com/

If you have school aged children, I recommend this project even if you do it on your personal time outside of school. The kids will learn a lot and look forward to ‘meeting’ other students around the globe.

Re-Thunk Junk Trail

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but life gets busy at times. I couldn’t let this Re-Thunk Junk Trail pass you up though.

This Saturday there will be a 60 mile flea market/garage sale hosted in Allen Parish starting at Reeves LA on Hwy 190 to Kinder then up Hwy 165 to Oakdale and then Hwy 10 to Elizabeth.

This  journey will showcase five communities throughout Allen Parish, which runs from 7a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to find antiques, other people’s trash (always another’s treasure), arts and crafts and food you can vote the best for at various stops.

Come out, take a country drive and meet up with us as I will post my stops as well! Looking forward to seeing y’all Saturday!