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Yes, free range chickens, and their life, egg laying (or lack of) and just the fun of it!

** SALE **

We have one pound packs of crawfish tail meat for sale, straight from our farm here in Louisiana. No Chinese crawfish, fresh Louisiana pond tail meat!

These are one pound packs, costing ONLY $10.00 per pound. Please contact us at 337-200-1236 if you are interested in buying some.  Even WalMart cannot sell one pound packs this low.

I am also taking orders on fresh chicken eggs, both brown and white. Brown eggs are larger, white are smaller. You will get a mix of both per dozen. I’m only asking $2.25 a dozen. Let me know how many you are wanting.


Oberlin Farmers Market

imageCome see us today now through noon in Oberlin at the Certified Farmers Market on 6th Avenue , Oberlin LA!!! image image

What Chickens CAN eat

What Fruit Can Chickens Eat, Aggressive Dogs, Jersey Giants, & Beak Trimming…

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Make your own Apple Cider Vinegar

Adding apple cider vinegar to our chickens water a few times a week not only makes the water more appealing to them, it also keeps the waterers cleaner and controls the bacteria both in the water and in the hens digestive system. The vinegar boosts good bacteria and is thought to also even combat coccidia, which is present in most chicken runs, no matter how fastidiously they are cleaned.

Source: Make your own Apple Cider Vinegar