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Random portraits meant to awaken the spirit of living in rural America, most especially the prairie lands of South Louisiana.

Life on a Farm

Rural, country living is a rewarding lifestyle, even though city folks may not understand or get it. The hustle and bustle of city life is for some, but for others such as ourselves, this slow, peaceful way of living is fabulous.  We aren’t often in  a hurry (unless it’s harvest time and you are broke down, then you need everything immediately, if not sooner. But we are often busy from daylight till past dusk. We are rewarded with what we’ve sewn: crops, vegetables, children, livestock, and much more.

Today was a slower day and Troy was able to get the garden tilled, and rows made for the fall crop, before he headed off to cut more rice.

It's time to plant the fall garden
It’s time to plant the fall garden. Our Okra is still producing ! Pssst: it looks like a prairie doesn’t it!

I spent the morning and early afternoon planting sweet corn, purple hull peas, green beans, sweet peas, and cabbage so far. And we have four “heatwave” tomato plants we are going to try this fall. In the city, or suburbia, this isn’t always possible.

Nor is it possible to wake up in the morning to sweet sounds of nature, and have a photo op with a Rooster.


It is also impossible to have wild Mallard ducks living in your chicken yard because that’s the only life they know.

A mallard Hen and her Drake ( the green head is the male, aka Drake

Welcome to our home, our life, and our journey.