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It is hard to live well in today’s society, as in eating healthy, breathing healthy, being healthy. I’ll post discussions here about how to be enable living well, and share infographics I discover along the way.

Mother Earth, Cajun Prairie, keep it clean!

Eunice Louisiana, St. Landry Parish, is known as the “Prairie Cajun Capital of Louisiana,” but of late the parish has become a dumping ground of household items. En route to Eunice from the west, your eyes are blinded with this atrocity on the side of U.S. Hwy 190; which is immediately after signage alerting all travelers that we are entering the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area, “America’s foreign country!”

Dumped Debris
Couches, chairs, trash cans, mattresses, t.v.’s, you name it, it’s in this pile

Thousands have been affected by the recent flooding  experienced in south Louisiana, but there is no excuse for someone to dump their household trash on the side of the road. FEMA is here, the Red Cross is here, and countless other organizations are here to help those in need. Our state’s Congressmen and Senators’ have been posting on their websites how to get help, the local news media such as has a wealth of information on how to get assistance.

Congressman Charles Boustany, M.D. of our 3rd District has many helpful links on his website, and Congressman Ralph Abraham, M.D. of the 5th district has posted much information and links on how to reach various organizations SUCH AS DEBRIS REMOVAL. I’ve taken this from his website which links directly to FEMA.

Recovery managers provide this diagram to assist survivors in their cleanup effort. Published with permission of the Tuscaloosa News.
Recovery managers provide this diagram to assist survivors in their cleanup effort. Published with permission of the Tuscaloosa News.

And if you aren’t certain on who to connect with, contact your local officials about debris cleanup at but please, don’t dirty our Cajun Prairie!

“Close your eyes, and tap your heels three times, and think to yourself …”


9ad1eb2646985688dc26d7499e1086d9Your house is clean!

People have asked me many times over the years, “How do you keep your house so clean?” This question dates as far back as when my twins were four and the youngest was a newborn baby. Recently, a friend asked that same rhetorical question.

How do I do it? I really don’t know, but I have a few tips to help you.

  • Pick up whatever mess you make, as soon as you are done. Example: Load the dishwasher immediately after meals, or hand, dry and put away immediately. This doesn’t take much time at all.
  • If you have a stainless steel kitchen, get in the habit of wiping everything down after cooking. Again, this doesn’t take five minutes.
  • Fold the laundry as it dries. Don’t leave it to sit and pile up from another load being done.
  • Sweep or vacuum high traffic areas daily. This makes the overall process easier when you sweep and mop entire floors.
  • Make your bed as soon as you get up. This lifts your morning mood to see a clean room! (This is my all time favorite)
  • Take a rag and dust a room daily. This saves you from having to dust the whole house in one day. That is tiring.
  • Windows: none of us like to clean them, but we all like to see out of them. Clearly. When your window is looking dirty, clean it then. Don’t wait until all the windows look bad. Again, tiring. Do it when you recognize it needs done.  If it’s hot outside, clean them in the mornings.
  • Laundry: do a load daily, even if there are only two of you. If you have a HE unit, the loads don’t have to be large loads at all. The same amount of water is being used all the time.
  • Bathrooms: clean those toilets multiple times a week especially if there is a man in the house. Again, this is a fast easy wipe down with Clorox wipes. Nothing to it.  Clean your shower while you take a shower. Easy enough!
  • Shoes: don’t leave them all piled up at the entryway. One of two pairs you often wear are fine, but when you come in from shopping, dinner or whatever, put those shoes you don’t wear as often up immediately.

You get the idea. The most important tip is: pick up, pick up, pick up, immediately because the longer something sits the more it collects.

Home Made Scrubs are Great!

While I was reading Farmers’ Almanac 2016, I came across an article on how great home made body and facial scrubs can be. In the article, there was a recipe for a facial scrub, so I had to try it. Having the essential oil, Eucalyptus, as it, along with Lavender, was listed to add a drop or two to, I had all the ingredients to make this right then and there. (There are only three ingredients!) Add Eucalyptus for an invigorating feel and lavender for a calming effect.  I went  with the former because it was early in the morning.

2 tsp. Olive Oil, 1 tsp. of sea salt and if you have oils add one or two drops of either mentioned.

This scrub cleansed my face and left me feeling truly awakened and my skin felt alive.

Give it a try at home and let me know what you think.

Storebought Treats, Homemade Treats, and Football by Ree — The Pioneer Woman

In the storebought food realm: These are evil. And they must be destroyed. Have you seen them? Have you tried them? Well, don’t. They’re that good. They’re a cross between a cookie, a cracker, and heaven. Now. On the homemade food realm: These are even more evil, and are making me question everything. I’ve become…

via Storebought Treats, Homemade Treats, and Football by Ree — The Pioneer Woman

It’s (almost) Fall Y’All

Get your scent on!
Get your scent on!

If you haven’t already gotten a diffuser to make the house aromatic, without the smell of burning wicks, then click the link at the top menu bar and order the oils for your fall scent preference, and don’t forget the diffuser. My favorite is the rose petal design because it has three different settings.

I think I’m about to diffuse Falling Leaves!

Freshen up Your Home

Summer is almost over. The bugs are in high gear down here, and the smells that come with standing water for days,  and dirty clothes with grain smells run rampant.  One thing I use to freshen up smelly places (think shoes, boots and kitchen smells) is an essential oil from Young Living called Purification. It honestly purifies the stench. I place a few drops of this essential oil on cotton balls and place in needed areas, such as those smelly tennis shoes or musky scented luggage that is store outside. Even those of you who have mold issues from the flood could freshen up the house with this essential oil. (click the link on the top menu bar to order your essential oil today!)

Another great oil blend is Thieves, by Young Living. I use the spray around the house and as a hand sanitizer. The oil blend itself is also good for removing smells when I use it in my diffuser.  Be sure to review the product flyer below for more useful tips on frehsneing up your home.

Freshen Up
Freshen Up