Fruge’ Farms and Produce

Here at the farm, crawfishing has started and is in near full swing. Today we have crawfish sacks (average 30-35 lbs.) for sale at $60.00 a sack, so let us know if you want to get a sack or two. Contact me at 337-200-1236.

We also have three varieties of tomato plants started, along with bell peppers and eggplants. Cilantro and Basil are growing in 3″ pots too.  We are setting up a greenhouse this week, and will begin to grow more plant starters for our garden and hopefully yours too! The onions are growing, both red and sweet white.

I have Morning Glory’s nearly ready to transplant. Grandpa Ott which is a purple color,  and a mix of blues and reds sets.  This is a trailing plant/flower so you will need a sunny location, an arbor or fence where it can trail. If you don’t have an arbor you can easily plant them in pots and train them to grow up a bamboo stalk.

Check back soon for updated pictures of our new greenhouse. I am very excited about this new transition!

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