I need your help!

I have frozen okra from last years crop, and I am in need of cleaning out the freezer. I also have some squash and zucchini I freezer packed. PLEASE HELP BY LETTING ME KNOW OF ANY FOOD PANTRIES IN OUR AREATHAT WILL gladly TAKE THIS FRESH PRODUCE.

With that said…

Since my last post in January (sorry for the long delay in writing) the crawfish have been picking up and the garden is planted. I put in three short rows of sweet corn, and three shorter rows of popcorn.

Seed Saver Exchange

I’ve never grown popcorn so we will have to see how it turns out. ( I purchased the popcorn seeds from seedsaver.com; the variety is Two Inch Strawberry) I also have the tomato plants started from seeds in the greenhouse, bell peppers too, and squash, zucchini, and green beans. STRAWBERRIES are in full swing so if you want some let me know.
In the next few days I will plant a row of okra too. Last year three rows were a bit much for our small family, so I’m reducing waste. I may try to get some more green beans in this week, those are so good when canned!
Check out my next blog about saving seeds….and growing them year after year.

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