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Lemony Snips & Their Tidbits

Store your lemons at room temperature.

This is the time of year that lemons are ripe and ready to be picked here in Louisiana. So, I’ve been reading up on the various ways to preserve these tasty fruits.  There are so many easy ways to preserve them and even more ways to use them.

The simplest way to preserve a lemon is cut it into quarters and slices, place on a cookie sheet to freeze individually, then transfer to a airtight container or Ziploc until you are ready for use. Any recipe that calls for slices of lemon are at your fingertips and ice cold water in the summer is a refreshing drink with lemon wedges added to it.

Whole lemons can be frozen as well. Although they may be a bit more soft when thawed, they will juice real well. You can even zest a frozen lemon! To thaw a frozen whole lemon, place in cold water for 15 minutes and proceed as usual.

Juice your lemons and freeze in ice cube trays, then when frozen transfer to a Ziploc for easy individual use.  A regular ice cube tray holds two tablespoons of juice.  You can use the juice to pour over other fruits to keep those fruits from discoloring. You can gargle with equal parts lemon juice and water to ease a sore throat. Eating a lemon wedge or sucking it’s juices can help cure scurvy, a common infection overseas for those of you that travel.

Zesting lemons is another way to preserve the flavor you long for, with a punch! The oils from the sexted rind are intense and can add an intense flavor to any meal, or baked good. If cooking with zest add it to the end of cooking.  Zest only the color of the rind because the white pith will make dishes bitter. Store unused zest in a Ziploc, and again you can freeze this too.

Zest from a small to medium lemon

Some final tips:

  • Adding juice during cooking contributes a bright, tanginess but little fruit flavor.
  • Never add juice to a still cooking sauce, add it after you remove the sauce, stew or gravy from the heat.
  • Add zest to get the impact, and add it toward the end of cooking for more impact.
  • Lemon wedges can also be preserved for use in Moroccan and African meals, as well as baked or grilled fish.  (Look for the recipe to preserve lemons in the near future)
  • Lemon juice can be added to vinegar for a household cleaner
  • Drop a lemon rind or two in the garbage disposal for cleaning.
  • dry some lemon rinds after you’ve juiced them and use them as a fire starter with a great scent.


Coming Soon to a Farmers’ Market near you!


Fruge’ Produce! If we get enough fall crop  to offer, check us out at Iota or Jennings Farmer’s Market. In the meantime here is a list of local markets to visit for fresh produce or hand made items.

Jennings Farmers Market 7-10 a.m. every Saturday now through November. This is located on the corner of Main an Nezpique at Founders Park. Items available: eggs, fresh produce when available, (they have okra) sewing items and arts and crafts.

Lake Arthur American Legion Farmers Market 8-noon the second Saturday of the month. Located at the American Legion Post 403 parking lot, 701 Highway 26. Items available are: seafood, eggs, homemade arts, crafts, household items, sweet dough, jams, jellies, bbq’s, pickles and local produce when available.

Iota Farmers Market is from 8-12 on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month on the gazebo right on Main Street. The have a variety of fruits and vegetables, in season, and usually some home made hot sauces.

Oberlin Farmers Market located at 228 W. 6th Street in Oberlin. This market is every Wednesday from 9a.m to 1:00 p.m.  fruits and vegetables that are in season. Very sweet coordinator.

Ville Platte Farmers Market is going to start up at the end of September, through November on Fridays at 4p.m. to 6p.m.  at 11 East Main Street in Ville Platte.

Welsh Farmers Market runs May to October on Tuesdays from 4p.m. to 6p.m. at the Welsh City Hall grounds.

Farm Market at Robin Farms open off and on throughout the year on Saturdays, with various vendors. Please call (337) 789-3776 to verify the time they are open.  Church Point LA