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Window Cleaning…No Problem!

Thanks to my sweet cousin, Shannon, for the great tip on cleaning windows; especially the outside windows.

Windex and other such window cleaners just move the dirt around and that is why we often fight with streaks.  Living on a farm that can get rather dusty requires grit to clean, I.E. soap and water.

Get your rag of choice and a bucket of good ol’ fashion soap and water ( Iused Dawn) and wash those windows then dry with paper towels. Huh.  It is that time easy.

I put vinegar in a spray bottle and a separate wet rag to clean the inside and dries the same.  Whether you live on a farm or in town, rain and wind blow in real dirt on the outside so save time and use soap and water!

And if you are living in Indiana and following this blog, that sweet cousin of mine is a professional cleaner for the wealthy and major apartment complexes in the city so she knows her cleaning business well.